There is no oleo,
there is grease.
No insta-grits,
there is pooridge.
No 'passion fruit',
only Snapple.
There is no crime,
in leaving a tip.

No Shoes, No Saber,
No service.

NOVEMBER 7th 2004

A few weeks later, I got a day free to knock out a few more parts.

Ring 2

Sweet and simple Ring 2 is just a narrow piece
of wood that has had its ends eased with the router.
Oh sure, you could use your router to cut out a full
circle and carefully calculate the distance of two
parallel lines set equi-distant from the center point,
and then slice off the edges to get the right width,
but once you've done that you will realize that it would
have saved me a bunch of time and effort to start with a
narrow piece of wood and ease the ends with a router.

Ring 3

Ring 4


Ring 4 was the most complex to layout
Click link to see a photo progression
of the process.

Ring 5 is only slightly easier than Ring 4.
The rectangular center hole for R2's middle
leg was cut as far as possible (on both sides)
with a circular saw then finished off by hand
with a hack saw blade. To protect your hand
while gripping the blade You can either wrap
one end of the blade in duct tape or wear heavy work gloves.
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