#R2D2CNY comes to us from far far away (somewhere near Utica we're told).

This plucky robot has made his mark locally around NY and NJ and PA with his operator/chauffeur Jon Stokes by bringing attention to worthy causes and institutions such as NJ's Liberty Science Center, the proposed Museum of Science Fiction in DC, and the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, home of the Toy Hall of Fame.

R2 has also worked for some company called Lucasfilm, appearing on the Today Show's Star Wars Halloween 'spooktacular' in 2009, The Clone Wars fan sneak preview, as well as events for Microsoft, SMS Audio, and Hallmark at New York Comic Con.

When he isn't hobnobbing with celebrities of science and industry, R2 likes to read to children as part of his long running one 'droid' library literacy show.

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