In The Beginning . . .

There is no oleo,
there is grease.
No insta-grits,
there is pooridge.
No 'passion fruit',
only Snapple.
There is no crime,
in leaving a tip.

No Shoes, No Saber,
No service.

JULY 3rd 2004

Here's my start on the dome for an R3 droid with a temporary
arrangement of greeblies and a resin main eye.
The base is a Playskool Sit & Spin sprayed silver. The clear plastic dome is an Aspects 'squirrel dome.' The lines were traced in with a sharpie using an R&J dome as a sort of ill-fitting template. It is sitting slightly off kilter in the photo but you can see the lip of the Sit & Spin makes a natural ring for the hemi-spherical plastic dome and the only thing needed is to fill out the lip somehow. The plan is to use metal muffler repair tape from the auto parts store over either cardboard or thick foam double sided tape

and Yes... the video tape was intended as a joke.

Then came the Dark Side

Introducing R3-R7

When ANDY offered the R7 skins I took a second look at my R3 dome, and something sinsiter, something dark, crept into my mind suggesting that there was another path to follow. I decided to create a mixed lineage R Unit with the R3's clear dome and the body panels and triangular radar eye of the vaunted R7. The idea felt so natural that I suspect others have already thought of it and maybe even put it into effect, so no big whoop for me.
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