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There is no oleo,
there is grease.
No insta-grits,
there is pooridge.
No 'passion fruit',
only Snapple.
There is no crime,
in leaving a tip.

No Shoes, No Saber,
No service.

October 3rd 2004

This is my start on the of a germ of an idea that was first had by someone else.
This is the sort of thing I've dreamed doing since I first saw Star Wars in 1977.
I've always wanted to do creative things, but somehow I just never fell in with the 'wrong crowd' until recently when I joined the R2Builders group at Yahoo.com

I'm not prop builder. I'm not employed in design or the film industry or any sort of metal smithery. I work as a draftsman, but I only have an Associates degree to show for some ten years of effort at a local community college. I'm just a guy with a little experience building plastic model kits as a kid.

I recall long ago (pre Empire Strikes Back) seeing a catalog from a California based company that made stormtrooper armor. The then exorbitant sum of $300 was well out of my means at the time, and to tell the truth it still is, today when some really nice trooper armor can be readily had for less than $1000 on eBay.

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