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Here at the M.oS.O. we pride ourselves on having
a truly eclectic assemblage of curious things for all to see. Shiny objects are known to attract persons who
are not much smarter than most household aquatic
pets, and as the great exhibitionist
Migist P. Barhnever once said;"No one ever went
broke by under-estimating the intelligence of the public.

So we present to you this collection of shiny objects
which is sure to enchant the very young, the feebly old, and dim-wits of all ages.
Veniel Bresketh Curator M.oS.O.

All financial contributions will be accepted with a controlled minimum of maniacal laughter.
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psychokinetic, telekenetic, televangelistic, radio telemetery, smoke signals, jungle drums
or otherwise without the prior written permission of the copyright holders, which can be tough
to get, as the criminally insane aren't normally allowed access to anything sharper that crayons.
Heck... I wish I hadn't done it.

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