After laborious masking (took me the better part of a day) The skins were painted in three stages 1) Grey Primer 2) Gloss White Basecoast and 3) Flourecent Green color coat. There will probably be a fourth clear gloss top coat to seal the color and shine up the black which is just a tad flat. Also I hope it will hide a few scratches from removal of what little bits of paint did get under the masking tape.

There is no oleo,
there is grease.
No insta-grits,
there is pooridge.
No 'passion fruit',
only Snapple.
There is no crime,
in leaving a tip.

No Shoes, No Saber,
No service.
The rest of these are some terrible shots but what the hey.

Here is the rear door, masked, primed, and basecoated.

This is a detail closeup of the rear door.
You can almost make out the detail of
the tape against the exposed styrene.

Then goes the color coat of Flourecent Green.

Beneath this is the view of what it looks like
when we peel the tape away, and have our first
look at what we've got. Not bad, eh?

Yes, there was a bit of leakage in the primer coat
(NOTE TO SELF In the future try to seal mask with
matching primer or dullcoat) Here it is a small matter
to clean this up and run a blade along the etched panel
lines to have a nice clean seperation line.

I can only describe this as a truly ugly shot.
If you try to rush things, this is what happens. I found some time to work, but it was the wrong time in the wrong season. Considering doing a 'rattle-can' spray job outdoors in February?
Bad idea.

The paint went on cold and globby on the first try and I had to wipe it all off and wait a few days for warmer weather before I could continue. In the end it all got done.

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