The rings are joined with dowels cut to 3 different
lengths. The lowest level uses 2-1/4" long dowels.
The 2nd level uses dowels 4.725" long. When using a
clumsy tool such as a hand held circular saw for work
this precise, simply mark them as 4-3/4" and cut to the
inside so the line disappears.

In connecting the dowels and rings the method of choice
here is to use military grade 2.54cm double slot tipped
fiber intrusive fasteners.

More commonly known as 1 inch drywall screws.


SEPTEMBER 7th 2004

There is no oleo,
there is grease.
No insta-grits,
there is pooridge.
No 'passion fruit',
only Snapple.
There is no crime,
in leaving a tip.

No Shoes, No Saber,
No service.
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