'It isn't a birthday unless you get
things from these 4 catagories.'
1) The Useful Gift
Perhaps an item that you might have seen in a magazine or maybe on the television and thought (maybe subtly hinting out loud) "Hey, that gizmo looks really cool!" Your desire to have one never exceeded the cost of paying for it yourself, but once you do have one, you have to ask;
"How'd I ever get by without this?"

Recaro car seats Toys or Useful?

The 'Useful Gift' can cross over into the categories of Toys or Clothes, but is most often found in the 'executive
gifts' display.

Recaro car seats Toys or Useful?
The emergency road-side auto repair kit is a classic Useful Gift.

2) Toys
As a person gets older this
category becomes subject
to some interpretation of
what exactly a 'toy' is.
For my dad it usually meant
Birthday toys 
are 'da bomb'
Torpedoes Away !
a U.P.S. delivery from

3) Clothes
Children everywhere shudder at these words,
but without a new pack of tube-socks or, some Fruit O' the Looms,
to freshen up the supply in top dresser drawer, it won't seem like a birthday.

4) $ Money $
I don't care if you're six or sixty,
who can call it a birthday without a
card containing a five spot, from your
favorite aunt or some other relative.
**Bonus if its a week early!**
You're Such an 
In-n-n-teresting Monster, but
have I told you about 
my godchildren 
Elizabeth and Dylan?

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